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All About Virgin Cannabis Oil

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Finding high quality cannabis oil that is high quality and high potency can be difficult. With the right type of cannabis oil however you can get the outcome and the effects that you want without all the extra work. There are tons of different types of cannabis oil out there and virgin cannabis oil is some of the purest around.

What is Virgin Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil comes from the pressing of the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD oil, cannabis oil does have THC and does have the capability of getting you high or helping you to achieve a high. Cannabis oil is often used in vape pens and other vape products to get the same effects as smoking cannabis without having to actually smoke. Virgin cannabis oil, much like virgin olive oil or other virgin oils, refers to the stage of the pressing. This means that virgin cannabis oil is the first pressing of the plant.

Virgin oils are often unprocessed and do not have a ton of additives or extra preservatives or solvents added to it. This is the purest oil that you can get and is a fantastic way to experience cannabis oil for the first time. Virgin cannabis oil is going to be a purer oil and might also be referred to as raw cannabis oil or unprocessed cannabis oil.

Why Does Virgin Oil Matter?

With larger scale productions like those at Lowell Farms, it is important to note that virgin oil is going to be far more pure and is going to be better for a wide range of users. Lowell Farm has a huge range of cannabis oil products including cold pressed virgin oil. This type of oil is fantastic if you are looking to add cannabis oil to your vape pen and you want something that is pure and that does not have a ton of chemicals or artificial flavors piled on.

Virgin cannabis oil that is grown in a sustainable and organic nature like that grown at Lowell Farms is a great way to experience cannabis oil and see what it truly has to offer. Virgin cannabis oil is going to deliver a better high, it is going to be cleaner and it is also more sustainable in terms of how it is grown and made. One thing to keep in mind with raw oil or virgin oil is that it may go bad faster so you are likely going to need to use it a bit faster than oils that might have preservatives added in.

Lowell Farms Café

Lowell Farms is looking eagerly toward the opening of the first legal cannabis café in the United States. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café will be opening on September 24th, 2019 and features two distinct businesses in one. There is a café and separate dining room that will feature delicacies created by famous Chef Andrea Drummer, and a separate lounge where cannabis products are sold and can be openly used.

The lounge area can also order food from the kitchen and enjoy it while smoking some of the exceptional organic and high quality cannabis products that are grown at Lowell Farms. Lowell Farms offers a huge range of different marijuana products and those that are looking for a unique and one of a kind experience will surely find it at the Lowell Café.

If you are looking for some great cannabis products, a great atmosphere, and a company that stands by their product, Lowell Farms has everything you could ever want. The Café is set to open soon but in the meantime you can shop Lowell Farms for some great cannabis products.