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Cannabis Seeds

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis has numerous therapeutic benefits given its various strain variations. This means that planting your own cannabis can be a really liberating experience. The problem is that getting marijuana seeds is not as easy as you would get tomato seeds. As a matter of fact, quality cannabis seeds can be really hard to get, and not to mention very expensive.

In addition to that, you might have your cannabis seeds produce male plants, which is really not something you want. You need feminized cannabis seeds. Apart from all this, cannabis seeds need to have optimum attention so you can get an optimum yield. Because of all these, you need to be very prudent about the cannabis seeds you buy.

How do you choose the right seeds?

The first thing you need to know is the quality of marijuana strain you need. What is the end product you are looking to get exactly? Do you want indicas for sleeping disorders or pain relief? Do you want to or sativas for mental stimulation and anxiety? Do you want hybrids that could cater to almost all of these issues? You must consider your needs, and your environment before you choose seeds.

Apart from all that, you also need to consider the types of cannabis seed you want to start with. To be specific, you need to decide whether you would like to start with feminized seeds, regular seeds or auto-flowering seeds.

Different types of cannabis seeds

While looking at them, it would be very hard to distinguish among them. However, they are genetically very different. These differences will directly affect how they grow, and your entire budget. Here are the types to choose from.

Traditional seeds

You find these regular seeds at the local dispensary. They are usually a product of pollination and they will produce either male of female plants once they mature. If you don’t already know, only female buds are effective. According to study, about 66 percent of traditional seeds yield female plants. Its also impossible for you to know whether they are male or female until they flower. The problem with male buds is that they pollinate the female buds very fast, which results to seedy weed.

Feminized seeds

These are usually specially designed to produce just female plants. Proper feminized seeds will yield about 95 percent of female plants. Feminized seeds grow exceptionally fast, and they don’t necessarily grow under too strict environment standards. You are not likely to get seedy or hermaphroditic weed.

Auto-flowering seeds

These seeds are usually produced through genetic manipulation. However, they have a different goal. You see, through cross-breeding different strains, breeders found seeds that flower after just three weeks automatically. These grow very small, do quite well in the outdoors, and survive under variable light cycles. However, one drawback of the auto-flowering seeds is that they cannot be cloned.

Is it worth buying the expensive seeds?

Traditional cannabis seeds are relatively cheap. You might even find them for free. However, specialized seeds are actually worth it. There are several questions you need to ask yourself though. How strict is the environment requirement for the seeds? If you have limited time, and space, auto-flowering seeds may be best for you. Would you like to take clones from the mother plants? If so, auto-flowering seeds are definitely not for you. How valuable is the strain to you? Some strains are very rare and if you want a specific strain, feminized seeds are best. You will get bountiful buds, and on top of that, great clones as well.


As you can see, there are different types of cannabis seeds. Choose what’s best for you depending on your answers to the questions above.